Test and Measurement

DDV-01GP / 25GP
Automatic Dynamic Viscoelastometer
For measurement of the dynamic modulus of viscoelasticity of high polymers like plastic, rubber and complex material, tensile method, shear method and 3-point bending methoud can be applied in accordance with shape and elasticity of testpiece.
- The knowledge of crystal status can be attained by the crystal abosrption in the process of molecular motion in the crystal
  phase of any high polymer chemistry. The main dispersion is triggered by the start-up of microbrown motion in the
  amorphous region, and the ancillary dispersion indicates sither a local motion of the main chain or the motion of side chain.
- Evaluation of activation energies for crystal and amorphous regions as well as for local relaxations.
- Composite curves of E' and E'' over a wide range of frequency as well as the relaxation spectra using the method of variables
  for conversion. Capability of finding new properties of a sensitive samples such as the accumulated films of single crystals or
  the high polymer crystals in the solidified state.
- Impacts of stereospecific, stereoisomeric and other molecular structures upon physical properties of high polymers.
- Characterizaiton of crystallized state based on the dispersion behavior.
- Detection of quasi-crystal phases such as smectic or nemactic structure. Particularly effective to verify the existence of such structures, which is
  otherwise hard by any crystallographic method.
- Detection of crystallization, crystal modification, partial compatibility or other phenomena at the temperature rise.
- Definition of properties of higher structures of oriented and non-oriented high polymers by analysis of dispersion curves.
- Determination of vitric transition point
- Damping behavior evaluation of high polymer materials:
  • Practical application to vibration isolation material and noise isolation material
  • Practical application to high impact resin for evaluation of absorbed energy
- Mixing behavior of copolymer such as polymer blend, craft and block
- Characteristics of subtle structure such as orientation of synthetic fiber and film
  • For improvement of mechaical characteristics of polymer
- Determination of the most suitable drawing condition under guidance of crystaliation absorption temperature
- Detection of structure variation under high energy
  • Detection of structure variation due to annealing and quick cooling
  • Detection of structure variation due to deformation and wearing
  • Detection of structure variation due to vulcanization, crosslinking and curing
- Dyeing capacity and absorption
  • Dispersion of dyestuff and main absorption
As above, RHEOVIBRON is widely used not only for application to research and development but to the quality control field to
check correlation against final products.

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